Mobility bathrooms and wet rooms

Make your life easier with mobility bathrooms

We have practical and easy to use bathroom designs to suit the needs of people with mobility issues. Contact Easy Tubs Fitted Bathrooms today for more information.

Mobility bathrooms and wet rooms in Gillingham

Are you in need of a specially designed bathroom? We can install mobility bathrooms that are designed to give comfort and easy access to people with mobility issues, as well as being tailored to suit their individual requirements.
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wet room fitting

Some bathroom fittings available in mobility bathrooms

  • Walk-in showers
  • Wet floor showers
  • Specialist toilets with raised toilet seats
  • Shower chairs
  • Easy to use wash basins
  • Non-slip bathroom tiling
  • Easy to use grab rails
  • Back rest

Personalised bathroom fittings 

All our fittings for mobility bathrooms are of a high-quality and we have a friendly team who can install the perfect bathroom, making life easier for you. We can also repair existing bathrooms and update old fixtures. 

Maybe you need an easy access kitchen installation at your home? Contact us today and feel free to discuss your requirements with our team.
Personalised bathroom fittings

For mobility bathrooms in Gillingham, London, Essex and other areas in South East England, call Easy Tubs Fitted Bathrooms on 01634 353 814

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